Does your Dog:

  • Pull on the lead or fail to come when called?
  • Jump up on greeting or excessively bark?
  • Act destructively in the home or soil indoors?
  • Dig holes and destroy gardens?
  • Show aggression to people, other dogs or animals?
  • Chase cars, children, cats or horses?

We can help!

Sometimes, pets can develop behavioural problems. These can include aggression, destructiveness, nervousness, self-mutilation, excessive barking and more. It's tempting to put up with problem behaviour in the hope it'll get better. It usually doesn't. And in fact the longer behavioural problems are left to continue, the more entrenched they tend to become.

Problem behaviour can lead to your pet being unhappy, as well as making life miserable for you. So it's important you tackle it with kind but effective methods as soon as possible.

A behavioural consultation consists of a visit to your home, which will last approx. 2-3 hours. Thereafter you will receive a copy of the consultation, a written consultation report sent to you referring veterinarian, a detailed and individually tailored behavioural medication programme for you and your pet, completion of insurance form (if applicable) and follow up support as required. 

Pet Behavioural Consultation  - How it works

Step 1 - vet referral

The first step is to download a referral form and ask your vet to make sure there are no physical or medical reasons for your pet’s  behaviour. After this check, your vet can refer your pet to me. If you have any questions about vet referrals, please contact me.

Veterinary Referral Form: 

CABT vet referral form

Step 2 - questionnaire

While you're waiting for your vet to complete the referral form, please either complete the online dog behaviour questionnaire or download and complete the dog behaviour questionnaire. You’ll need to send this to me, with the vet referral form, before the consultation so I have an understanding of the problems you're having.

Step 3 - consultation

The behaviour consultation will be carried out in your home, so that your pet can be seen in their own environment. 

This duration of the consultation is 2-3 hours. During this time detailed notes about your pet's history will be taken. The problem behaviour will be identified and we will be able to give an explanation on what has caused the problem behaviour, and give advice on how to change the behaviour. 

Step 4 - written report

After your consultation, you will receive a comprehensive written report detailing the behaviour modification programme for you to follow with pet. 

Step 5 - follow-up support

Follow up support by phone or email is provided at no extra cost for one month after your consultation.

Unfortunately, there are no quick-fixes to improving behavioural problems in pets. It takes patience and consistency, but it can be done and I'll support you through it. In some cases it may be necessary to visit you again or provide additional training (please see below for fee details).


A behavioural consultation is £155. This includes the consultation session, the written report and one months’ telephone and email support following the consultation. If your pet needs additional training, this is £50 per hour. 

Clients that have their pet insured may wish to check their policy, as many pet insurance companies will cover a partial/ full cost of a Behavioural Consultation with Michelle, due to her qualifications. Most claim forms need not be signed by the referring veterinary surgeon.